Purchasing agency

Plasta Group, Ltd. conducts business in many countries of the world. We provide a wide range of services in the field of trade intermediation. We work with various branches of industrial equipment.
Involving our company as intermediaries will expand the areas of your trading activity, allow you to penetrate into such markets where you yourself could not expect success because of the unknown features of trade in it.
We will provide you with services to find foreign counterparts.

For this we take into account many factors:

  • current and potential demand for a given product in a given country;
  • the level of domestic prices;
  • the capacity of this market and the conditions for the sale of the goods;
  • firm structure of the market;
  • the developed system of promotion of the goods to consumers;
  • existing in the country trade-political, currency-financial, customs-tariff conditions, official technical requirements;
  • specific inquiries of consumers regarding the quality of the goods, their packaging, technical documentation, etc.

Our scheme of work is as follows:

  • The choice of a particular product — the object of the proposed transaction;
  • Finding the country of sale (purchase) and choosing reliable foreign counterparties;
  • Working out of possible conditions of transportation of the goods, delivery-acceptance, payment, etc .;
  • Determination of the optimal level of the contract price;
  • Organization of work on the introduction of goods and subsequent consolidation in the market;
  • Conducting commercial negotiations with foreign counterparts for the purpose of concluding a deal.

We offer cooperation only on favorable terms for you.